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Beautifully designed glass drink bottles, complemented with natural crystal chips.
The natural crystal chips have an indirect infusion, your drinking water does not come in contact with the crystals.
Crystal chips are removeable, lovely opportunity to remove the chips and program them with your intentions.
Each stone has it own unique energy and benefits.
Bamboo Base  & Lid
Bamboo Base & Lid with Infuser 
Rose Gold Base & Lid
Rose Gold Base & Lid with Infuser
Rose Quartz -  Femininity, Love, Kindness
Amethyst - Protection, Stress, Tranquility
Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Strength, Protection
Citrine - Creativity, Abundance, Success
Carnelian, Creativity, Ambition, Confidence
Red Jasper - Healing, Nurturing, Stability
Rainbow Moonstone - Calmness, Balance, Intuition
Clear Quartz, Clarity, Awareness, Healing
Smokey Quartz - Grounding, Calmness, Relaxation
Yellow Tigers Eye - Confidence, Willpower, Vitality
Strawberry Quartz - Imagination, Playfulness, Relationships
Lapis Lazuli - Inner Truth, Expression, Leadership
Apatite - Confidence, Weight Loss, Discipline
Light Amethyst - Stress, Anxiety, Protection
Amazonite - Strength, Calmness, Courage
Heated Citrine - Creativity, Abundance, Success
Prehnite - Peace, Meditation, Growth
Lepidolite - Stability, Peace, Healing
Garden Quartz - Journeying, Manifestation, Healing

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